Our Stories


Our stories are unique, original pieces of art to entertain for days.

Our first three stories are available for beta testing.


Vikings: Vengeful Assault

40k words/ 30 minutes to most endings Genre: Adventure/Fantasy Written By Sir Robinson— Ever want to control a legion of Vikings on a raid to a seaside village? Well now you can! Fueled by the loss of a previous legion, you return with ships full of Bezerkers to exact revenge. But the town has their own safeguards in place and a few surprises to make your journey an interesting one. 


Escape: Small Town ABduction

30k Words/ 15 minutes to most endings Genre: Horror Written by David Goldsmith  —Driving down a quiet road in the secluded backwoods of Virginia, you and your lover find yourself entangled by the icy grips of a group of preppers. Can you escape before you two find our the intent behind your capture? 

The Tasty Alien ZOmbie Apocalypse


180k Words/ 100's of endings Genre: Horror/Comedy/Adventure Written By Sir Robinson— Aliens attack, but use smaller tasty aliens to subdue humanity into savage zombies! Can you escape LA before the zombie horde eats your brains or will you succumb to the tasty temptation?