I'm new to Interactive Fiction! Where do I start?

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We suggest checking out our F.A.Q.'s  and also reading this page for more information. 

Finally, Make sure to signup to be a writer below so we can discuss distribution! You can reach us on social media @decisionfiction or via email at info@decisionfiction.com!

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Decision Fiction™ is a new distribution platform focused on offering interactive fiction game-books to emerging markets with enhancements to the game-play. Anyone can write a game for distribution with us, even you!

With Decision Fiction™, your game lives in an innovative interface, and is enhanced with features like challenges, achievements, and multiplayer modes. With a suite of tools at your disposal in the story editing process, you will be able to utilize our robust bug tracking, multi-language translation, community driven editing and instant spell check across your entire game! Finally, we offer a "Writer's Dashboard," where you can utilize your personalized analytics to understand your game-book activity and rewards!

But you don't have to worry about all of that. You just need to write an amazing narrative and do light coding to make the stories branch in various directions.

We are delighted to offer you a simple revenue sharing model and a timeline of distribution to a variety of networks. In 2018, we will launch in iOS and Android with exciting services coming up in 2019 such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram Messenger, Line Messenger and more! Stay Tuned! 


Decision Fiction Platform Attributes


writE alone. Write with a team. join a guild.

Using Sugarcube or Harlowe Twine languages, you can write a story for distribution through the Decision Fiction platform easily. However, you don't have to go at it alone. Join a writer team or a guild with help from story consultants, award-winning music composers and a community of beta testers eager to try your new story. 

Easily Edit

To solve the issue of editing your story, we offer prompted grammar, spelling and bug testing services built into the pre-release area of our platform. Passages in your story will be flagged for review if there is any unusual wording, grammar or code. These simple features have already saved our beta testers hours.



Multi-Language Translation

Your story can be instantly translated into any language in the world with just a few clicks. Want to market your story in France? Translate your story into French and begin your marketing campaign. Moreover, you will get analytics and feedback from the reader community to help you craft your next masterpiece. 

Multi-Platform Distribution

As a distributor of interactive fiction content, we pride ourselves with the lineup of networks slated for upcoming release. No other company is hyper focused on getting your story to as many readers as possible. Be it an exclusive or non-exclusive story, reach a new global audience with Decision Fiction.