Infinite Decisions Await You.

Welcome to Decision Fiction ™. A unique collection of branching choose your own adventure gamebooks where you decide how the story evolves. Choose from hundreds of situations and try to discover all of the endings hidden in each tale. Best of all, play with others in multiplayer mode! Our platform is slated for release in January of 2019, so sign up below to be the first to experience Decision Fiction ™.


Our Platform Elements


If you love interactive fiction, retro games, or reading ... you are going to love Decision Fiction™! Our gamebooks™ feature game modes found no where else including Multiplayer, and Lover modes.  Earn Achievements, play in awesome Tournaments and even gain XP to climb the Leader Boards in this epic platform. 

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Our Titles


We are a distributor and aggregator of original Interactive Fiction content. We are proud to present two Decision Fiction™ Originals for you to enjoy! Fight an entire army by yourself in Vikings: All out Assault. Or grab futuristic weapons to save the world in our epic The Tasty Alien Zombie Apocalypse.  

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Our Team


Our small team is the perfect mix of experienced fresh professionals, including top notch developers, writers, digital marketers, data analysts, businessmen, and  a PhD data scientist working with us on propreitary software to blow you away. Find out why we are the best kept secret in the startup community.

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Our Writers

Ever want to write your own interactive fiction story? Well , join our 30 day writing challenge and you'll be on your way to having a completed short interactive fiction story in no time. You can do it!