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​We 😍 to write! Don't you?

Agreed! Then we started thinking.... if we could improve the reading experience,what does this mean for the writers?
Let's see.

Books Are Linear

Writing linear books is fun! Wouldn't it be cool to write branching stories that gave you the ability to explore characters in a new way?

New Books Take Time

Loyal readers will wait years for your next masterpiece! Wouldn't it be awesome to give the same reader a plenty of varying plot, without a higher word count?

Books, Choose Your Own Adventure, Best Fiction

Books Are Expensive

This is just another reason the market is shrinking. Wouldn't it be awesome if your book had multiple endings so readers could buy it multiple times?

Book Clubs Are The Best

Joining a book club is a great way to share your book with like-minded readers. Imagine if you could do more than share; imagine if you could challenge your readers!

If that sounds like fun...

Don't just take my word for it...

​​Discover Decision Fiction.

 ​Artifacts Are For You

Send writers on treasure hunts. No need to write artifacts into your story, reward readers for playing your story game.

Create Avatars

Lock and have readers collect rare & time-sensitive avatars related to your story. Use avatars to reward readers and make your stories more fun.

Level Up Your Story

Make parts of your story accessible only to those at a certain level. Get early access to be a leader of this new global writing community.

Set Challenges

Challenge readers to find the only object that sheds an entirely new light on your story game. When you challenge readers, everyone wins.

This and so much more!

"We set off to create something unique.A new way to enjoy the act of reading. We thought outside the box, and adapted the mission of creating a new literary genre."
-Our Stealth Co-Founders