Decision Fiction Feature Set


 We are proud to have produced a platform that allows you to enjoy original interactive fiction from any writer on the planet. 

Our feature set presents a unique opportunity for readers to become writers, and for writers to have a tool set to make writing and publishing amazing interactive fiction across multiple platforms easy, seamless, and profitable.

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Write in twine

You heard correct, import your Twine stories into Decision Fiction™ with a push of a button. You'll need to go through our simple induction process, make sure your story is bug-free (we have a debugger, don't worry.), and decide on one of our publishing packages. 

Community driven editing

Editors rock. They offer suggestions and find small nuances that make your work better. We have a small group of beta readers that serve as editors to your story. before it is released to the platform. 

Multilingual support

Have a larger market in Spain but wrote in English? Is your story about a small town in France and you need it translated into French? Don't worry, we've got you covered.  Just another feature we offer to our wonderful writers.

promote everywhere. Play anywhere.

Using proprietary technology, we distribute your gamebook to most messengers, iOS and Android.  Tell the world about your gamebook, it's easy to find.

Write a story. Monetize a game.

Decision Fiction is a distribution platform that takes your story and adds in gamification elements to make it truly a gamebook and to help monetization.  


Wonder where players got stuck? Want to see which of your games monetize best? Our robust analytics platform will answer this and much more allowing you to edit your gamebook or make adjustments based on this data. Another Decision Fiction™ exclusive. 



Works seamlessly across platformS

Start a gamebook on Facebook Messenger and move your score and standings to Telegram for a group battle to fulfill a challenge. Everything moves seamlessly.   


Need a game to play with your friends? Have everyone grab their phone and meet on Telegram or Kik where our multiplayer games are available. (Not FB due to platform restrictions.) Our multiplayer allows players to put in various choices and highest voted answer wins with tie-breakers chosen at random.


Our experience in the mobile game market helped us create more than a platform for awesome stories, but an arcade where all stories are interwoven by challenges, achievements, and in-app currency you earn as you play. Leaderboards and prizes tie the entire platform together for a unique experience you have to try.

GRowing Collection of Stories, Networks, and features.

We're just getting started, so readers will enjoy  a growing database of stories, networks where stories are distributed, and even more features to drive enjoyment of the platform. Be one of the first to enjoy Decision Fiction™, and grow with us over the years.