What is Decision Fiction?

Decision Fiction is a global distribution platform for Interactive Fiction. 

What is DFWRIMO?

Decision Fiction™ Writer’s Month runs September 1st through September 30th. We are publishing a month long writing tutorial series on creating interactive fiction stories for the Decision Fiction platform. Read our blog to pledge your participation and get an early look at our platforms.

What is interactive fiction?

We define Interactive Fiction as a branching fiction narrative wherein a player’s input changes the outcome of the story.

Why does DF refer to their readers as players?

Players read stories from the Decision Fiction™ catalog in a way that allows for both in-story interaction and also cross-story interaction. This increases the chances of repeat play and and stickiness across the platform. Essentially our readers become players in an interactive fiction arcade with your story at the center.

Can anyone be an interactive fiction writer?

Absolutely! We believe that anyone can finish an interactive fiction story. To write branching narratives all you need is a few lines of code we’ll teach in this tutorial course and a big imagination. During this tutorial series, we’ll show you how to structure your story so it’s easy to write and we’ll even bring in some writing experts to discuss key story writing elements! Stay tuned!

How much do you charge?

We are a new distribution platform focused on offering old and new interactive fiction game-books to emerging markets with enhancements to the game-play without upfront charge to the writers.

I’ve never written interactive fiction, but writing is my passion. Can you help?

Absolutely. That’s what Decision Fiction™ Writer’s Month is all about. We are ready to show you all you need to know to write amazing stories  and expose you to resources to help you along your journey.

Where do I write interactive fiction stories?

There are many places to write Interactive Fiction. For our phase one roll-out, we are only accepting Twine stories. This includes Harlowe and Sugarcube formats, though all of the code we will display during DFWRIMO is written in Sugarcube. 

How do I submit my stories?

We welcome you to submit your stories to us for distribution! Decision Fiction™ offers you distribution like no other interactive fiction distributor can. We offer multi-network distribution with features like: multi-player, challenges, achievements, and even cryptocurrency.

We care about our writers and have a quick easy confidential intake process that allows you to understand our strategy and strike a distribution deal that works best for you. Please contact us by email at info@decisionfiction.com. You can also find us on PLIFT (Pinterest, Linked In, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) @decisionfiction.

How do I make money through DF?

Decision Fiction™ utilizes a freemium model and allows players to peruse all stories. Your Decision Tree (all the decision nodes of your game) becomes a whimsical adventure for them and a way to win challenges, gain achievements and level up. Each time they reach an end point, they use a currency to continue playing. The currency can differ depending on network, but you earn a percentage in all networks. Contact us for details info@decisionfiction.com.