Where the future of fiction meets the future of technology.

Decision Fiction 

Behind the Macbooks, over-sized cups of coffee and Yerba Mate gourds, a small team develops a new way to enjoy fiction, Decision Fiction ™.


The company spans the United States with distributed offices in New York City and Los Angeles and has quickly bootstrapped a new way to enjoy interactive fiction, unlike any on the market. Utilizing gamification to maximize the stickiness of the platform and the popular open-source software Twine, as the main source for stories, the team created a platform where anyone in the world can submit an interactive fiction story and monetize it.

Writers go through a short induction before their stories are distributed for monetization on iOS, Android, Kik, Line, Telegram and yes, even Facebook Messenger. 

We'll be launching our first product October or earlier, so stay tuned.

-Decision Fiction ™ * NYC * LA *